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Myth #3 – Drinking is a part of who I am

Do you ever look at your life or in the middle of a moment, good or bad, stop in disbelief and think “Is this my life?” ?

It still blows my mind that I am a non-drinker. At least once weekly I think back to the past year and half and am still a little shocked that I no longer identify as a non-drinker. Because that identity was a big piece of my life for a long time until it wasn’t. 

In today’s episode of Sober·ish Uprising, I share Myth #4 of what held me back from changing my relationship to alcohol, Drinking is a part of who I am. 

I talk about how booze and amazing memories and experiences were so intertwined it was hard to see that it was never the booze that made them amazing and that creating a sober·ish lifestyle strengthened my identity as Holly by truly aligned and living values. 

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Holly Krivo

Holly Krivo

Sober•ish Coach, Podcast Host, Speaker. Love cocker spaniels, Celine Dion and chips and salsa. Not necessarily in that order.

Finding my own way to sober•ish life is the best thing I have ever done and I know it can be for your too.

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