At Sober·ish Uprising™ we create freedom from alcohol on our own terms.

Making it our best power move to get the life we want.

Questioning if you are drinking too much?

Congratulations! Curiosity is the first step to freedom. I’ve got 5 questions to quench that thirst. 

This isn't new.

 It’s not the first time you’ve thought “I may be drinking too much” or “Do I have a drinking problem?” but recently it’s been harder to ignore.

And yet you look around and the world tells you, you don’t have a problem. Society tells you it’s fine, your social circle tells you it’s fine but you know.

You deserve better than fine. 

Booze is taking away your presence, energy, confidence, dreams. It’s giving you self-doubt, anxiety, distrust.  

Well hot damn if that isn’t a problem.

No one gets to define the “drinking problem”  you have and no one gets to define the solution.

What if I told you there was a different way to do sobriety? 

Sober·ish Curious? I love that journey for you. Let's connect!


Sober·ish Uprising Podcast

On Sober·ish Uprising we tell stories of finding freedom from alcohol on our own terms with no judgment. Take a listen! 


The Sober•ish Experiment

Our 12-week program designed to help you create your sober•ish life, one that is aligned with the woman you want to be. 



Needing a little more attention. Then my 1-1 coaching is for you. This personalized, individualized sessions support you and your  sober·ish journey. 

I couldn't want to wake up and change the world and then get distracted by a $12 bottle of wine.

Hi my name is Holly. A certified coach, world-changer and a former heavy drinker. 

It still blows my mind that I am a non-drinker. Like who is this woman? 

A woman who used to want drinks at every occasion or just a random Wednesday night. A woman who never turned down a happy hour.

Who am I?

A woman who realized booze no longer served the woman she wanted to be and made a promise to herself to do things differently. 

It was me or booze. 

Out of that came a sober·ish journey that changed everything.

I work with others so they can experience the same freedom, joy and confidence that comes when you start to say no to booze and yes to you. 

Let's not overcomplicate things. It's easy to start your sober•ish journey today!

step one

Book a 30-minute discovery call with me. Unsure of where to even begin? Perfect. I’ve got you! 

step two

Create and define your sober·ish plan with your personalized approach. 

step three

Thrive in your sober·ish life, uncovering new ways of doing life. 

How cool is that? 

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