Are you ready to quit handing over your power and potential to booze?

Hell yeah you are! Let’s go! 

Deciding to change your relationship with alcohol can feel overwhelming especially if you have tried over and over again but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

It’s not about moderation or deprivation. It’s about making choices aligned to the woman you want to be. 

You can create your own path to freedom.    

You can go from fear and guilt and shame to joy and peace and confidence and do it aligned with the woman you want to be.

At Sober·ish Uprising™ our goal is to work together to help you create freedom and intention in your life so that booze becomes the least important thing in your life and sober•ish becomes your biggest power move.

It’s not about sobriety but doing all the things in this world you want to do.


Does any of this sound familiar?

You don’t have a societal definition of a “drinking problem” but it is feeling like drinking is causing more drama than not.

You break promises and commitments to yourself because of that one (okay two) extra glasses of wine. 

You’ve tried to quit so many times you can’t keep track so doubting that you could be completely sober for life. 

The good thing is you don’t have to do it alone. In fact you shouldn’t! I work with clients 1:1 to support them in designing, implementing and thriving in their sober•ish life. And there are several ways we can do this! 

Sober·ish Blueprint

More of a lone ranger type? I got you! In a 90-minute coaching session we’ll create a sober•ish 45 day blue print that works for your life and is designed to step into the woman you want to be. One who no longer hands over her power to booze.  

Sober•ish Scaffolding

You ready to go for it! AND you want a little more 1:1 support? Let’s do it!

These three months will be specifically created for you with weekly coaching calls, accountability  and support.

We’ll create your own plan and adapt over the 3 months to set you up for success living your best sober•ish life. 

Sober•ish Uprising

This more intensive coaching package is for those who know exactly what drinking is standing in the way of and you’re ready to get sober•ish and make moves! 

We’ll spend the first three months creating your sober•ish foundation that will provide you the clarity, confidence and tools to move forward.

Then we’ll get into the fun of it and start working on what the next version of you looks like. 

Let's not overcomplicate things. It's pretty easy to start your sober·ish journey!

step one

Book a 30-minute discovery call with me. Unsure of where to even begin? Perfect. I’ve got you! 

step two

Create and define your sober·ish plan with your personalized approach. 

step three

Thrive in your sober·ish life, uncovering new ways of doing life. 

How cool is that? 

Kind words from clients

You've got Q's? We've got A's.

Let’s Do It! 

Great question!  Sober•ish Coaching is a methodology to support you to find freedom from alcohol. Together we dive deep into not just why you drink but why you no longer want to, your thought patterns and habits and create a path forward for you.  

Full sobriety is an amazing option (and it may be for you!) and I also know there is more than one way to live the life you want. Sober•ish can be that option! 

I am so glad you asked. I am an ICF Certified ACC coach which means I have extensive training and have coached 100s of individuals. I also created a very successful sober•ish life of which I share my process and learnings. 

We will meet weekly over zoom for 60 minutes. 

I knew you would want to know this. I know I would have.  For The Sober•ish Experiment, we go sober for 6 weeks and then implement your sober•ish life. 

This depends on the investment you want to make but it may just even out to to the amount of money you save not drinking!