I'ts not a Sober Story. It's a Love Story.

Choosing you over booze is the ultimate power move. 

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As a high-achieving, driven woman, I knew my drinking wasn’t aligned with the woman I wanted to be. It was becoming too hard to do the things I wanted to do and continue drinking the way I was.

 I knew I had to pick me or booze and that decision changed everything. 

It can change everything for you too.

Speaking Topics

Loving Yourself Enough to Keep a Promise to Yourself

It’s not just about saying no to booze. It’s about keeping a promise to yourself to be the woman you want to be. 

We make promises to everyone and usually keep them but its ourselves that we let down..over and over again. 

Keeping a promise is the ultimate act of love and one that can change everything. What is the promise you need to keep? 

Making your Sober·ish Life Your Biggest Superpower

You can read all the self help books, do all the workouts, meditate all the meditations (and you should too!) but nothing will fuel your growth like finding freedom from alcohol.

I did all the things but it wasn’t until I found freedom from alcohol that everything really shifted for me. It’s not about deprivation or sadness but intention and joy. 

You want your life to change. Change your relationship with drinking. 

The 4 Stories I told Myself that held me back from changing my relationship with alcohol.

For years I had an inkling that I wanted to change my relationship with alcohol but several stories would keep me stuck in the same place. 

It wasn’t until I changed these stories and the narratives I was telling myself that I was able to move on and find my sober•ish lifestyle. 

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