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Sober·ish Uprising – Missed Moments, Failing Forward and Switching Addictions

This podcast is Amazing

“The idea of sobriety is not a one size fits all. It has to be what works for you and at the end of the day you feel good about yourself, your life and you’re doing what’s right for you.”

Today’s Sober·ish Uprising guest is Staci who when we met said she has been 4 years sober but some may not consider her sober. I had no idea what would come out of her mouth next. She said there are some in sobriety who think if you don’t complete the 12 steps of AA or have an non-alcoholic drink every once in a while you aren’t sober.

Wait what? This blew my mind and reinforced why we need to continue to have these conversation about what sobriety looks like because we all have to create our own path.

In today’s episode we talk about,

– How despite knowing she had a problem, she made the excuse that until her sober husband recognized she had a problem it wasn’t that bad.

– How the thought of Italy without booze was a myth but now she knows that she can do all she ever wanted but it will just be so much better.  

– How sobriety sucked at the beginning and it wasn’t all rainbows and puppies but it was the small wins like watching a movie sober with her kids that kept her going.

Where to find Staci:

Listen here on Apple Podcasts or watch on Youtube.

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Holly Krivo

Holly Krivo

Sober•ish Coach, Podcast Host, Speaker. Love cocker spaniels, Celine Dion and chips and salsa. Not necessarily in that order.

Finding my own way to sober•ish life is the best thing I have ever done and I know it can be for your too.

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