I'm Holly Krivo!

I am so glad you’re here.  You honored that little piece of you that says things could be different. Welcome!  

I’m here because I believe sobriety isn’t black and white. I’m here because if you have an inkling of wanting to find freedom from alcohol, you deserve that. 

Feeling empowered and owning your intention with alcohol is what makes all the difference.

As a high-achieving, driven woman, I knew my drinking wasn’t aligned with the woman I wanted to be. It was becoming too hard to do the things I wanted to do and continue drinking the way I was.

 I knew I had to pick me or booze and that decision changed everything. 

It can change everything for you too. 

At Sober•ish Uprising™, we believe oursober·ish journeys are deeply personal and through my coaching methodology we will help create yours. One that serves the life you want and the woman you want to be

To the outside world I didn' have a problem. Yeah I liked wine on the weekend (okay most days) but I didn't have the societal definition of a "drinking problem".

I was a certified coach who worked with TedX and powerful clients all over the world. I was moving overseas, buying houses, thriving in relationships and doing all the things. 

However on the inside things felt so much harder. I didn’t have the energy I wanted. I wasn’t keeping commitments. I was waking up at 2 am berating myself for a broken promise of not drinking.


I had done so much work on myself with mind, body and spirit and was supporting others to do the same. Yet my drinking was in direct conflict with my values and the woman I wanted to be.

After 20 plus years of drinking, on September 13, 2021 I started my sober·ish journey and everything changed.

After so many years and so many failed attempts why was now different ? Two Reasons. 


  1. I got sick of my own shit. I couldn’t keep on denying a truth that I knew. My drinking was getting in the way of the things I wanted. I was actively choosing something working against me. It wasn’t going to cut it anymore.


  2. It was a choice of empowerment and intention, not deprivation and fear. Being sober·ish was a freaking power move. It was a choice I got to make. 

I was choosing me over booze. 

It’s been over 2 years since I made the ONE decision that changed everything for me.

I have more confidence, less anxiety, more patience, less sleepless nights. I am stepping into making the life I dreamed of a reality. 

Finding freedom from alcohol did this for me. 

And it can for you too. 


I'm more than sober·ish, I'm also...

An avid Tennis Player

Playing sports as an adult is just the best plus the outfits are fire! 

a Snail mail sender

Sending love notes directly to someone’s mail box is the gift that keeps on giving.


With cocker spaniels, Celine Dion, good books and chips and salsa (not necessarily in that order).

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