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Does this sound
like you?

What if I told you there was a better, more personal, empowering way to freedom from alcohol?

One where it felt like the best self-care, power move, life-enhancing thing you could do. Where a sober•ish life isn't your destination but the first step to the life you want.


Just like in most things finding freedom from alcohol is a deeply personal decision. You get to decide if your drinking is problematic and you get to decide the solution. 


Make sober•ish a strategy for the life you want making it your best power move. It’s not about sobriety but what comes after. 


It’s not just about saying no to booze, it’s what comes on the other side. Your life will be open to all new possibilities! 


The Sober•ish Experiment

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Here's what's included:

This 3 month experiment is designed to create the foundation for your sober•ish life.

 Consider me your sober•ish sherpa.

Over 12 weeks together we’ll discover the beliefs and stories you have about drinking, dive into why it no longer serves the women you want to be and vision and action your sober•ish plan as a woman who no longer hands her power over to booze. For 7 weeks of the program you’ll experience full sobriety with weekly calls and accountability along with tools to support you and then we’ll get into your sober•ish life.  You’ll also be in community with other women wanting to step into their biggest power move yet. 

How fun does that sound? Oh and did I mention there’s a wine-back guarantee? 

Weekly Group Coaching

12 Weekly calls with content and coaching to support your sober•ish journey

Voxer Access

I won’t leave you hanging between our calls. You’ll have Voxer access to support you during the 12 weeks

Accountability and Visioning

We’ll create alignment and accountability to support the vision of the life you want. 

Kind words from clients

I'm HOLLY, your Sober•ish coach.

I'm here because I believe sobriety isn't black and white. I'm here because if you have an inkling of wanting to find freedom from alcohol, you deserve that. 

Feeling empowered and owning your intention with alcohol is what makes all the difference.

As a high-achieving, driven woman, I knew my drinking wasn't aligned with the woman I wanted to be. It was becoming too hard to do the things I wanted to do and continue drinking the way I was.

 I knew I had to pick me or booze and that decision changed everything. 

It can change everything for you too. 

how it works

Here's how it all breaks down.

I want to ensure you are in the right place in your journey and that we are a good fit so let’s connect before. 


Fill out the application.

Sober•ish coaching isn’t for everyone (but less drinking is:)) so let’s ensure we are a good match. 


Let's chat.

I want this to be a win-win situation so let’s connect and ensure we go together like chocolate and nuts. We’ll use this 30-minute call to discuss your history and what The Sober•ish Experiment would look like for you! 


Start your Sober•ish Journey on Feb. 7th!

Join other amazing women who are ready to lead the charge in their sober•ish life! 

The Sober•ish Experience Application

If you've still got questions for us or want to chat, please email us anytime! We'd love the chance to chat further, no pressure, we promise.