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Self-Sabotaging Your Sobriety

You have thought about changing your relationship with alcohol for years.

A little voice in your head saying “I don’t think this is working for me anymore.” 

You’ve envisioned what life could look like. 

You’ve thought of the weight loss and healthy skin. The energy you’ll have. The money you’ll save.


And then you give your brain a little more time to keep you in the same place with thoughts like..

“It’s not THAT bad.”

“I won’t be nearly as fun or social.”

“What will help me calm down at the end of the day?” 

“I will lose my community and social outlets.”

“How can I quit for life when I’ve only quit for a handful of days at a time.”

“SHIT, I may have to sit with and work on the things that I’ve been drinking to avoid.”

Do I need to go on? 

It makes total sense you are self-sabotaging our sobriety. Why would you put the work in on something that if you achieve it will (in your current mind) take away so much you hold dear?

If we give our brain enough time it will always talk us out of things our intuition is screaming at us especially when we’re doing things we haven’t done before. 

That’s why we have to flip the script and view it as an empowered choice to support our life just like we do food, wellness,  people and all the other things. It has to be something you want to do for you, not something you have to do.

Our self-sabotage tendencies and how to overcome them is a piece of The Sober•ish Experiment. So if you have found yourself self-sabotaging your sobriety, know it’s totally normal and okay because now you know better and can do better.

Tired of Self-Sabotaging your Sobriety? See if The Sober•ish Experiment is the right next step for you.  

Holly Krivo

Holly Krivo

Sober•ish Coach, Podcast Host, Speaker. Love cocker spaniels, Celine Dion and chips and salsa. Not necessarily in that order.

Finding my own way to sober•ish life is the best thing I have ever done and I know it can be for your too.

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