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I didn’t lose weight when I quit drinking

It kind of surprised me and if I’m honest I was a little disappointed when it didn’t happen. Side note: Not changing my diet and allowing freedom with food while quitting drinking served me greatly. ⁣

People ask all the time, “Did you lose weight?”,  and I cringe a little inside every time they do. Maybe a tad bit out of embarrassment but mostly because losing weight would have been the least impactful thing that happened when I quit regularly drinking. ⁣

Also I hate that question comes 100% of the time from women. But that’s a rant against the patriarchy for another day. ⁣

I didn’t lose weight AND gained so much more.⁣

Freedom. Confidence. Independence. ⁣

⁣That felt better than seeing any number drop on the scale. ⁣

Quitting to lose weight isn’t a bad thing but it’s not the only thing. ⁣

What would it be worth to gain so much when you quit drinking? 

Holly Krivo

Holly Krivo

Sober•ish Coach, Podcast Host, Speaker. Love cocker spaniels, Celine Dion and chips and salsa. Not necessarily in that order.

Finding my own way to sober•ish life is the best thing I have ever done and I know it can be for your too.

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